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I love Gina because she will do anything I want her to

Needless to say that Gina the slut in the video is a whore. She will do whatever I want her to. The other night I told her to wait behind the front door for me and the moment that I walk in I wanted her to kneel down and to suck my dick, and you know what? She did it. She was naked only in a pair of black stockings and when the door opened she was there and didnt even give me a kiss, she kneed down and blown me. That however has totally nothing to do with this free college porn video that your about to see. This is of the other night where me and Gina fucked hard and did it on video, we thought that it would have been cool to watch our selves fuck, but Iwent a step forward and posted it on a few blogs, that pissed her off and we broke up, thats about it, so check out the video before the crazy bitch has me pull it off the blog.