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Mixed babe loves both white and black cock

OK so we have a babe that likes them both, big black cocks and white ones. This is Tasha Gidden from Florida, she is a whore like no other, I know that she is because she cheats on her boyfriend with some hockey player dude. That really doesn’t bother me becuse the chick is hot, nice body and would fuck me in a heartbeat. Shes now working on a webcam site called Live sex shows, it’s from what I understand the most popular webcam sex site on the internet, that has nothing to do with it, what I wanted to say is that she wants to fuck me and at the same time she said that she wanted to involve a big black dude thats a friend of hers, that kinda freaked me out, but she said that she had never fucked a black dude and a white one together, so fuck it I’ll give it a try, what do you think?


How about a black babe this evening…

Being white, I’ve always fucked white chicks, however I love all races, Asian, Latino and Black. I have never had the luck to fuck a black chick thoug even if I do go Ebony on webcam now and then, I always try to pick up in real life with black babes, but the ones that I hit on really don’t wanna date a white guy and that fucking sucks. So thats why when horny and in need of a black babe, I’ll stay at home and pick one from the webcam. I was very lucky to meet this babe below a few days ago and since then I’ve been back to her every evening. Now that I found out that we live in the same state I want to ask her out on a date. I know that usually cam girls don’t date their clients, but who knows I could get lucky right?


Meet my hoes!

Not that many but I’m very proud of my Black Adult Chat sistas. Right now about 8 are online and in prime time about 30 all of them know that they have to do what their customers want them to do and they have to go all the way or I’ll fire the fucking bitches. All of them will do it no matter what, their born whores and love to tease and watch men masturbate to their actions. In the ghetto it’s not that hard to find them like that, but on the other hand it is very hard to find cute babes, most of them are nasty fucking sluts all fat and sweaty and you can’t understand a fucking word what their saying when they ramble and ramble. Thats why I have around 50 chicks, in the whole of the ghetto that has tens of thousands of cam girl candidates these were the only ones that were clean cute and fit enough to do this job and make their customers happy.