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Met her on MSN messenger a few months ago

She is 40 years old, a gorgeous MILF, I really don’t feel OK giving her name, nut I’ll say she was from a big town in Ohio. I was on a friends Java chat, it’s a place full of people, hes had the chat for sometime and is making good cash off the sponsors. Anyway I started chatting with her and we ended up in private then on MSN, then on webcam. I figured out right away that she was a cyber slut looking to whack one off, so to be honest I really didn’t waste any time and told her that I want to see her naked using a dildo. She told me that she will do that but not right away and that we need to hook up later that day, well we did. Now I’ve seen some filthy bitches in my 32 years of life, but this chick right here, beats every one of them. I’m back to the tranny sex page that I’ve been on all day.

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The perfect ass and set of tits

To get this combination you have to search a lot, but not on, because they actually select the chicks and if they ain’t good enough, they are sent to the door and kicked out, I’m not kidding you, these Canadian adult entertainment companies are strict on who is on their site, you look like shit your out! I picked on today to show, she likes to be called greeneyed, very pretty woman that is online giving shows 7 days a week, she really hasn’t got that much of a social life right now, her boyfriend found out about what job she’s doing and he bunked her, so now she has a lot more time on her hands to share with you all. I had a private show with her and three days later just thinking about what she did gives me a fucking boner. Thats how good she is and thats why I posted her profile for you all to check out.


Riding her first black monster cock

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Check out my Black GF taking cock!

Hey has anyone checked out them teens over at the Ebony Cam Girls website? Well go check em out if you ain’t, as you can see I posted the link. But its not about them that I want to talk about, no fucking way, I’m here today to talk about the video that I sold to some dudes that have an adult website, the video is of me and my black girlfriend, see I have three girlfriends one Asian one white and the other black, the black one as you can see isn’t camera shy at all and is the only one of the three that will let me fuck her up her shitter and cum on her face, so I decided that making an amateur porn video with her I’d get better results, and its a matter of fact that I did I got great results, check out the video and comment it if you wish, thanks.