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I can’t say shit about this video. Come on look at them go at it and they even take the fucking time to film what their doing. I love couples like this, they give porn a different and alternative side to it. I know her we went to high school together, now she’s in college and this is where the video was shot. I know simply because Edd that would be the dude that is fucking the shit out of this chick is in the same college. He told me that she’s kind of a skank and that a lot of dudes that he knows have already fucked the bitch up the ass. Hey by the way, has any of you girls ever been to my new Nude Gay Men site? Not all the dudes over there are gamy and most of them have the most incredible bodies ever, so if your gay or a babe go check it out.

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Well, she’s not actually homeless, she lives with her parents, as she got evicted from her home for not paying the rent, she also lost her car for the same reason and when they came to repo it, she stabbed one of the dudes and she got arrested, her parents bailed her out but she needs to get her car back, pay back her parents and get herself a fucking lawyer. So what is it that she needs to do? Find a fucking job duh! Well a daytime job wont pay shit, so shes sucking cocks at $50 a swallow. Word got out and as she is still fit and cute, people started running to her to get their cock sucked. She’s so busy that she told me over the phone that her jaw hurts from all the sucking. Well were done talking about a blonde so how about some of these Brunette Milf‘s?

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The video is great, I watched it for the very first time when Reality Kings put it out for the very first time a few years ago. I watched it and watched it till my cock was so fucking sore I had to delete it from my computer. At a certain point I decided that it would have been a good idea if I tried to contact these chicks and if they lived at least in the same state, to invite them over under a good compensation, well it was my luck that all three are actually from my state and I got to talk to one of them over at the Foot fetish sex page at She said that if my cock was 8 inches or bigger they’d meet up with me (all three) for free, just pay then dinner and a few drinks at the bar and they’d come over to my place and fuck like mad after that they did their lesbian show live for me. It’s my luck that I have a 9 and a half inch cock so I’m game and for free!