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This worked out pretty well. I invited a friend over that I’ve known for a few years now, he hitted on me for a few weeks but when he understood that I don’t want to date anyone, he understood. I don’t want to date because I’m a whore. I do porn videos and I work nearly every day on webcams doing very filthy things, my username on Live Free Fun is LoveSTORM you can’t miss me out I’m the one that the second most fans and followers among all members. I’m some sort of celebrity. Anyways I was going to get fucked up the ass by some dude with a huge cock that I was going to pay $500 for doing it, then he got sick last night and couldn’t come, so at that point my friend stepped in and ass fucked me for a good hour in a shit load of positions. Great show overall so we will be working again together soon, stay tuned.


Ava Devine now on cam

Ava Devine, one of the most popular pornstars that has to be known is now also on webcam, I had no idea about any of this then I was surfing on my livefreefun premium account that by the way is free, and I bumped into her she had just logged on and I took her right away into a P2P private show, she told me all about it, about that she still wants to star in at least another 50 filthy porn videos in the next 4 years and that she is totally in to this new thing that makes a lot of men cum all together. One thing that she told me was that its a shame that she can’t be there when each and every one of them cum so that she can take it on the face and she was dead serious when she said that!


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I like babes that are either light Ebony or mixed and in this case I found Evie, that happens to be from a white dad and a mixed mom. She looked gorgeous on her profile on Amateur Match, so I had to meet and fuck this chick. My wife was out of town and I had my chances. The wife was in Atlanta at some sort of festival that was so fucking important for her and her stupid career. I hit up Evie, that is also married and she was glad to go out on a date with me as her husband works in Chicago 2 weeks a month so she really had the best timing as well, after a good meal and a few drinks at the bar we set off to a hotel about 40 miles out of town so no one could figure us out. She stripped down and left on her tight body only her black stockings and heels and thats when the fun took place!


anal lover in stockings

So I’ve been hitting on this half Asian and half black chick, guys she is fucking hot, I’ve been hitting on her for weeks and she gave in this past weekend, some told me that she founf out from one of her friends that I used to fuck that I had a big cock. Girls like that DUH! Well we went to dinner but she looked like she was in a hurry, she wanted to take me back to her dorm and ask me a favor she said. Good we finished out meal and I took her back. Once at her dorm, she asked me if I could fuck her up the ass while a bunch of people watched us do it. I was like “Are you out of your mind” Well she then explained that usually when she logs on to her place of work at Asian webcams, she can get up to 1,500 to watch her show and they all give her small donations, sone 2 some 5 and some even 10 bucks, so if we split I would be making about 2 grand to poke this whore up the ass and not cum for about 30 minutes. That would have been thought as she was to fucking hot but I gave it a try and I lasted an hour and made a shit load of cash!