anal lover in stockings

So I’ve been hitting on this half Asian and half black chick, guys she is fucking hot, I’ve been hitting on her for weeks and she gave in this past weekend, some told me that she founf out from one of her friends that I used to fuck that I had a big cock. Girls like that DUH! Well we went to dinner but she looked like she was in a hurry, she wanted to take me back to her dorm and ask me a favor she said. Good we finished out meal and I took her back. Once at her dorm, she asked me if I could fuck her up the ass while a bunch of people watched us do it. I was like “Are you out of your mind” Well she then explained that usually when she logs on to her place of work at Asian webcams, she can get up to 1,500 to watch her show and they all give her small donations, sone 2 some 5 and some even 10 bucks, so if we split I would be making about 2 grand to poke this whore up the ass and not cum for about 30 minutes. That would have been thought as she was to fucking hot but I gave it a try and I lasted an hour and made a shit load of cash!


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