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Celebrity busted on cam

You know here? Come on guys it isn’t that hard, shes world famous and the only reason that we’ve covered her face up is to not get sued. I know who it is as they’ve shown me the whole video and no face cover up is on that. It was sent to us in a bundle of videos that we were going to use for a promo on one of our webcam sites called gay live shows and while the editor was going through the videos he came along this one. You can imagine what a fucking shock he had there right. Well they say that the video is worth millions and if it ends up in the right hands it will sell like hot cakes. It’s not just a webcam shot of her doing herself with a dildo, no, no way! There is a shit load more, even her and a girlfriend in some hot lesbian action.


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Black no problem, any black chick would fuck a nice hard and clean white dick like mine, wet also no problem, black babes are always wet and ready to fuck, tight, impossible, no way you’re gonna fins an 18 year old chick or older thats tight, they’re well but worn out by the time they reach legal age and you can bang them. Anyway the chick I met on adult cam friend is super hot and her ass is tight, not her pussy, its lose as and old fridge door, but her ass is amazing. I fuck her in the pussy to make her happy, but when it comes to sliding it up her ass, thats when I have fun and I get to feel it real good. Well, she sucks cock good also, but she wont stay down there for more than 10 minutes, so the joy ain’t that big and long, you know what I mean?

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I was stunned when the dudes over at Manwin told me that they met this chick at Amateur Match, she was simply looking for the cock to fuck for the evening and one of their producers was hanging out there online and chatted her up, dated her, fucked her up the ass and then asked her if she wished to be a part of their pornstar team at their adult entertainment company. She gave it a go and as you can see she is the number one porstar of color at the moment.

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And you know what? Ifucking digg it. I have been with a lot of chicks in my 32 years of age, some were conservative, some where a fucking pain in the ass. I had to leave one of them because she didn’t want me to rum my gay men having sex website, even if it was bringing in a shit load of fucking cash. Insane shit!! Other wouldn’t take it up the ass, some wouldn’t even dress up and put on some stockings and heels when we fucked. Boring fucking bitches, that would watch shitty reality tv programs and have sex their way. While this chick is a fucking whore, she’ll fuck someone now and then and cheat on me, but when its time for us to have fun, she’s totally the fucking best, I love her for the way she is and how filthy she is in bed, she likes what I like and I fucking love her for it.