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Getting laid with an Asian chick tonight

Hey everyone, this is Eric.
Back again posting on this blog this time and next time who knows where I’ll be posting. I’ve been picking them out from a hat in the past few days, needless to say that what I have to post about is so fucking good thatno matter where you put it or how you even put it, it’s great to read. Not that I’m a great writer, nothing of that and as you can see I suck at wording stuff.

Anyways the good news is that tonight after three weeks of jerking off to internet porn, I’m finally gonna Get Laid again. Better still the chick is Asian and this would be my very first time having sex with an oriental chick. Needless to say that I’m fucking chuffed. I’m counting the fucking minutes on this one. Look at the screen shot that I took of her when we were on webcam. She told me to hold on a second that she would be right back and when she did come back the webcam was pointing at her bed, then she walked into the area and thats how she looked, all in white lingerie and she spread wide open her legs and said: “This is what you’re getting tomorrow babe”

I have to thank for making all this happen, so many chicks that I’ve fucked without having to go to a club or a bar to find pussy. What a lucky bastard I am and thats why I wanted to share with you this today.


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