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If you’re not single try

Affair website, built for cheater, by people that cheat, so they built it on their standards and on their knowings. I actually know one of the two brains in all of this, he’s a really good dude, we met in Miami at an adult show not to long ago, he was there with his company, nice chat and he gave me a free pass to check out all the sites that he runs in his network and one was the one were talking about

cheating asses

The two babes in the pic? Who the fuck are they and what do they have to do with any of this? A lot if you think about it. See these two filthy whores (trust me when I say filthy because thats what they are). Well, these two are the first that I fished out on the site. I filled in my profile, I added a few pics of me, some even naked with a boner and BANG! Three minutes later, I get a PM from these two chicks that are best friends and work together, they work for a company that takes them around the contry on some sales shit and they use the dating site to find sex. Hey they found me and didn’t even ask if I had a friend, they wanted to share me and thats what they did for two solid hours!