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Finally something that I haven’t mentioned before on this website and yes it is Ebony related because there are dozens of Ebony porn star that or on both of the above listed websites in the title that perform in Live pornstar shows. I know because I have gone over there and check it out and when I say dozens I mean at least 40 of the 500 porn stars listed are ebony, are black, are chocolate and are hot as hell. These are the most popular porn stars that there are today over the Internet, these are the most popular chicks that have sex for cash, these are the babes that sell hundreds of thousands of copies of the DVDs when they come out.

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And guess what? These guys that run these two websites have put their effort into making Pornstar sex not only amazing videos, but amazing live WebCam sex, this is a great concept, this is something that is going to explode once the whole world knows about it. As of right now they kept it a little hush-hush, how can we say exclusive but now that the word is gone out they have decided to put it on a worldwide scale and let everybody freely become a member and be able to watch porn stars fuck male porn stars live on WebCam and have the possibility to interact with them at the same time.

I signed up, just for a day to see what it was like that cost me a $1.99 and with those two bucks I actually got to see seven different Pornstars in seven different live porn web cam movies, it was happening right there they were having sex life right in front of my eyes I even managed to type in something asking Ava Devine if she would please say my name while she was taking that massive Dick up her ass and she did she called out Peter give me your Dick, although my God when she said that I knew it was live and I just went nuts, I said as soon as the show was over I have to get all my blogs and start telling people what I just seen and that’s exactly what I’m doing, letting you all know what I just saw. Don’t just stand there you idiot go check it out yourself!