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They aren’t black so we’re off topic with these two pornstars?

You have to take into serious consideration that there are not that many black pornstars, for some reason black girls don’t like doing porn and are actually very hard to find and are extremely well-paid. However like is that were not here talking about black girls today even because Aaliyah Love is certainly not black, however she is extremely hot and she is one of those 900 famous pornstars that is doing now live porn shows one specific network that I’m pretty much sure you all know what it’s all about.

Aaliyah Love porn star

Along with her is another extremely gorgeous girl, not as famous, however she is on the rise and her name is Pornstar Karlie Montana. in these nine months that she has been in the industry, she has made 21 successful movies, 11 of which have ended up on DVD and six of those of 11 actually sold more than 100,000 copies each. Something is telling me that this girl is very special and if you visit her personal website that she had created for her fans just a week ago and that is linked in this paragraph, you’ll actually get the picture, you’ll actually understand why she is the fastest-growing pornstar whore on the Internet today.